Don’t You Love a Good Tie-In?

It’s no secret that I love the show Gilmore Girls.

It’s no secret that I love to read.

It’s no secret that I have trouble keeping up with my blog posts.

I have come up with a solution.

Some of the blogs that I follow have themes. One in particular that I can think of is 101 books, a wonderful blog where the author has undertaken the grand feat of reading the entirety of ‘Time Magazine‘s Top 100 English-Speaking Novels Since 1923′. I plan to steal this idea, using Rory’s Book List as my guide. This has been done before, but I’m not trying to be original right here and right now. I’m trying to encourage myself to write more and read more. End goal. I will read the same books as Rory, and then write about them. I don’t know if it will be book reviews, per se, but I’ll write something about them. And post pictures. Because who doesn’t like a good book cover?

Now, there are a few lists floating around out there, and the WB appears to be defunct, so I’m just going to choose a list and go off of that. They’re all pretty close anyways, some are simply more inclusive of books that are mentioned in the show, and some are based on the original Rory’s Book Club listing from the WB site.

And we’re off…

How many have you read?


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