Why Would People Ever Have Parents?

If your mom wondered daily why someone would “ruin a clean, organized life with kids they don’t know they’re going to love yet”, would you take it personally?


Only Boring People Get Bored

Have you ever been having a wonderful conversation with someone who you think is oh-so-charming, then realize that you’re doing most of the talking, and are in effect conversing with yourself? Does surpassing the need for another being to communicate with mean you’re insane, talented, or insanely talented? Whatever else, at least you won’t be bored…

Let’s Do The Time Warp…Again

When people in my life are upset with me, they cut me off. They just one day up and completely stop all contact. No explanation. No matter the means I choose or the quantity I use those means, they stubbornly avoid me. And I’m talking about people who have never met each other, or who aren’t very close…I may be the only common link.

Is it something in my personality? One ridiculous coincidence? Was there a mailing sent out?

And then one day, out of the blue…BAM! Like no time passed, and please don’t discuss the time warp. I rarely ever discover the reasoning behind the freeze-out.
Does this happen to anyone else?
No wonder I suffer from anxiety and paranoia…